Fukuoka for Sustainability

Fukuoka for Sustainability or FFS is a non-profit volunteer group created by a couple of Fukuoka City citizens: Alison, Joe, Jun, Melisa, Rachel, Ryo, and Sonnie. We all came together with the same mindset- to start sustainability and environmental awareness through social actions in Fukuoka City.

FFS began by doing beach cleanups in Shikanoshima in October, 2019 and received positive feedback from around 30 participants. Our following beach cleanup, we had over 50+ participants help us out to clean a larger portion of Shikanoshima Beach on November 2019. Since then, we decided to establish FFS as our official group name to signify our connection to our community and the people living here.

FFS is aiming to continue to expand our reach beyond beach cleanups by inviting people from both Japan and around the world to join us helping to spread the word about sustainability, doing good FOR FUK’S SAKE!