New Web-based App: FFS Green Guide!

FFS Green Guide was created to make it easy to find local, sustainable and environmentally-friendly shops, brands and eco-alternatives that can make it easier for you to transition to a “greener” lifestyle. This app is a “web-based” app, meaning that NO DOWNLOADS are required. It’s compatible on any Android or Apple phone, all you need is a simple web-browser to access. One you access it, you have the option to save the app “link” onto your home page, just like a regular app! Our app is map-based so you can search around your area or simply browse through to find what you are looking for. We also have a “Submit” section where you can input your own recommendations to be added into the app! With your support, we can continue to expand the list of local shops around Japan, one submission at a time. Check out the FFS Green Guide app on the website below.